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Target Yourself. Advertise more.

Create and place your ads on thousands of relevant websites


You'll have access to:

Targeted pay per click advertising

Maximize the effectiveness of your ads - target your ads by channels and keywords.

Pay only for the clicks you receive

We use a pay per click advertising (ppc) model which means that you only pay for the clicks you receive. You choose how much you are willing to pay for each click in each of the categories you have chosen to display your ads on.

Set the max price you are willing to pay per click

We automatically optimize your cost-per-click bids closest to your nearest competitor, so you get the best price available for your traffic.

Create your ads in minutes

Easily create, upload and edit your ads. Simply choose a title, two lines of a description and you are set to go. You can also upload image ads (banners) in multiple ad formats.

Choose your geographic targeting

BidVertiser allows you to display your ads within a geographic range you determine. Simply choose your geographic targeting and we will show your ads only to users located anywhere in the country or countries you selected.

Monitor the performance of your ads

Use the Advertiser Center to monitor the performance of your ads by customizing dozens of online reports and integrate our performance counter in order to track your conversions on real-time.

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